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Prowl the Nevada deserts and brainwash hippies, missionaries and ranchers in Abduction, an arcade style action game from Steve Phillips and George Emond.


  • WASD - Move the UFO.
  • Left Mouse Button - Brainwash stunned vehicles
  • Right Mouse Button - Drop a stun bomb
  • 2 - Repair your ship
  • 3 - Teleport (press once to aim, press again to teleport)


If a vehicle sees you, they become suspicious of your actions. When a suspicious vehicle leaves the map without being brainwashed, their faction's suspicion level rises. When a faction reaches maximum suspicion, their actions will change.


  • Missionaries cruise around the desert in small, sensible hatchbacks. If they reach maximum suspicion, they enter Proselytize mode and alert any passing vehicles, raising the other vehicle's suspicion level.
  • Ranchers drive solid, American built trucks. If they reach maximum suspicion, they enter Second Amendment mode and will shoot you on sight.
  • Hippies drive old vans that smell of patchouli and regret. If they reach maximum suspicion, they enter Sightseer mode. Any hippie in sightseer mode who sees you and leaves the map unbrainwashed will tell the world and raise all faction suspicions.
  • G-Men drive black SUVs and are authorized shoot you on sight. If they reach maximum suspicion, the game is over!


You gain points by brainwashing passing vehicles, but you maximize points by doing it quickly. Whenever you brainwash a vehicle, you gain a bonus multiplier that slowly decays. Try to keep your bonus multiplier high to get the most points.